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From the Friends
The Fairfield County Library and the Friends of the Library are happy to sponsor a fall program series by everyone's favorite lecturer, Dr. Clyde McCants.  Participants will embark on An Operatic World Tour on Tuesday evenings at 7:00 p.m. on the following dates:

October 22: An Italian Opera Set in France

October 29: A French Opera Set in Ceylon

November 5:  A German Opera Set in England

November 10: An English Opera Set in Czechoslovakia

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Friends membership forms are available at the library or online at www.fairfield.lib.sc.us (click on Friends of the Library). 
Ask someone to join today!

Individual $5.00              Family  $10.00
Contributing  $25.00      Life  $100.00

Interesting historical note:  The only category to have a dues increase since 1977 is Individual.  It increased from $2.50 to $5.00.  Still a bargain!

By the Numbers

This newsletter is mailed to a database that contains over 370 listings. Of those,

  • 36 are Life Members of the Friends of the Library

  • 107 are current members of the Friends of the Library
By the numbers.
  • 187 are recent or former members of the Friends of the Library

  • And 43 are elected officials and other community leaders.   

Copies of the newsletter are available in the library and it is posted online at www.fairfield.lib.sc.us.

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Book lovers should check out this web site:


Described as a web site for ravenous readers, it specializes in literary and genre fiction information.  There are links to author web pages, bestseller lists, and book reviews.  Best of all are the

links to all kinds of booklists.  The site is maintained voluntarily by a collection development librarian in Virginia.

Technical Note:
System Administrator Mike Poole has upgraded a number of the library's computers.  We are now able to offer Microsoft Office programs on more workstations.

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