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Volume III, Issue 4

Compliments of the Friends of the Library

October - December, 2002

Friends of the Library to Celebrate 25th Anniversary

The Fall Meeting of the Friends of the Fairfield County Library will mark a special milestone:  twenty-five years of service to the library and the community.

A reception will be held at the library on Sunday, October 6th, at 4:00 p.m.  A short program will highlight the history of the Friends organization; Friends' memorabilia will be on display; and several special presentations will be made.

On April 20, 1977, thirty-four people gathered at the old library to discuss whether to form a Friends group.   There was a unanimous decision to proceed.  Tan Brown, acting as temporary chairperson, appointed Ruth Brown and Caroline Lyles as a Constitution Committee, and Mary Louise Boys, Jim Boys, and Willie Bonner as a Nominating Committee. 

On May 4, 1977, the group met again at the new library building to complete the formation of the organization.  A constitution and by-laws were adopted, and the following officers were elected:
Augusta Baker.
Augusta Baker was an early Friends' speaker.

President   Tan Brown
Vice-President   Jim Boys
Secretary   Queen Davis
Treasurer   Ophelia Davis

President Brown appointed the following persons to serve as committee chairpersons:

Membership:  Mary Martin and
Mary K. Whitener

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Jim Boys and Sarah McMaster.
Before videos, film programs were a popular early project of the Friends. Jim Boys and Sarah McMaster get the projector ready.

25 years of Friends activities:
ProgramsTommy Scott Young...Bill Starr...William Price Fox...Bill McDonald...Rudy Mancke...Susan Aude...Edward Beardsley (as Ben Franklin)...Elliot Engel (Dickens and Shakespeare)...Josephine Humphreys...Charles Israel...Irene Neuffer...John Rosemond...Augusta Baker...Charles and Jane Hadley...Kiara Tucker...Ben Greer and Tim Wilkes...Dori Sanders...Clyde McCants...George Frein (as Mark Twain)...and more!

ProjectsAnnual Book Sales...Dial-a-Story (since 1977!)...purchase of books for the South Carolina collection...matching funds for the Library of America grant...Let's Talk About It reading and discussion programs...matching funds for the MacArthur Foundation video grant...support for summer children's programs...sponsorship of the annual Read-In for school children...Library Legislative Day...and more!

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