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From the Friends
The Friends had a successful Annual Meeting on Sunday, April 27, 2003.  The following officers were elected to serve during 2003-2004:

President Joe Steele

Vice-President Margie Freeman

Secretary Elizabeth Martin

Treasurer Peni Chandler

The Friends' popular annual Used Book Sale was held in May. Proceeds from the sale of used books totaled $1,218.45.

The Friends' booksale.  A special thanks to
all the Friends who
helped sort and price
and who manned the
cash box during the

Check the date above your name on this newsletter's mailing label. 
 If the first number is 2003, your membership in the Friends of the Library
 is current.

By the Numbers

Statistics and rankings from the library's last fiscal year, July, 2001 through June, 2002:

  • Circulation per capita: 3.57 (11th in the state).

  • Volumes per capita: 3.22 (4th in the state).

By the numbers.
  • Local tax income per capita: $15.60 (9th in the state).
  • % of population registered borrowers: 59.60% (8th in the state).
  • Annual public service hours: 4,406 (33rd in the state).

From Annual Statistical Summary FY 02 prepared by the South Carolina State Library.

A calendar.  A calendar.  Another calendar.  Yes. Another calendar.  The last calendar.

The library is debuting a new service for Fairfield County:  a web-based Community Calendar. 
The software for this service was purchased by the library using funds from the S.C. Education Lottery.  Maintaining the calendar is a joint project of the    library and the Fairfield County Chamber of        Commerce and will help meet one of the goals in  Fairfield County's Strategic Plan.
For more information or to submit public events for inclusion in the calendar, contact Sarah McMaster at the library or Terri Vickers at the Chamber.

Check out the new calendar by following the link from our website.  Or access the calendar directly at:


A link to the calendar is also available from the Chamber's website, http://www.fairfieldchamber.org.

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