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From the Friends
The Friends had a successful Annual Meeting on Sunday, April 28, 2002.  The following officers were elected to serve during 2002-2003:

President Elizabeth Martin

Vice-President Jane Haynes

Secretary Carol Maderic

Treasurer Peni Chandler

The Friends' popular annual Used Book Sale was held in May. Proceeds from the sale of used books totaled $1061.23.

FOL Book Sale 2002.

A special thanks to Brent Dorrier for organizing a group of Friends who helped sort and price and who manned the cash box during the sale.
Check the date above your name on this newsletter's mailing label.  If the first number is 2002, your membership in the Friends of the Library is current.
By the Numbers

Statistics and rankings from the library's last fiscal year, July, 2000 through June, 2001:

  • Circulation per capita: 3.61 (11th in the state)

  • Volumes per capita: 3.11 (4th in the state)
By the Numbers.
  • Local tax income per capita:  $14.49 (11th in the state)

  • % of population registered borrowers: 56.89% (9th in the state)

  • Annual public service hours: 4,392 (33rd in the state)

From Annual Statistical Summary FY 01 prepared by the South Carolina State Library.

If you are looking for good ideas for things to read, try this website for The Booklist


Billing itself as "the Web's largest collection
of booklists," this site, by a retired librarian,
lists links to more than 230 browsable booklists divided into more than 50 categories such as mysteries, science fiction, best sellers, African American, financial investments, and many more.

Thanks go to Curtis Rogers at the South Carolina State
Library for sharing this site.

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