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From the Friends

Coming This Fall…

Mark your calendars now for a return engagement by Dr. Clyde McCants in October, 2000!

Dr. Clyde's new program series is "History Set to Music" which will include the following topics:

  • The Ancient Landscape
  • The Era of Exploration
  • Spain and France
  • Great Britain
  • The Age of Revolution

See you in October!
Officers Elected for 2000-2001:

President  Peni Chandler

Vice-President Joe Steele

Secretary  Ann Gates

Treasurer  Jane Haynes

Used Book Sale proceeds:  $913.89

Thanks to everyone who helped and who bought books!

By the Numbers

What's in the library's collection?  Here are some numbers:

  • Books 74,752
    • Adult  49,807
    • Juvenile 24,945
  • Videos    3,463
By the Numbers.
  • Books on Cassette 933
  • Compact Discs  765

The library subscribes to 9 newspapers, and 126 magazines.

Your library ranks third in the state (behind Richland and Charleston counties) in volumes owned per capita.


Links to health information sites on the Web from the Medical Library Association:  http://caphis.njc.org/consumerAll.html

Three interesting portal pages:                  www.libraryspot.com


(Portal pages offer organized links to many websites.)

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