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Volume I, Issue 3

Compliments of the Friends of the Library

July-September, 2000

Online Databases Available To All
South Carolinians

Inside this issue:

South Carolina has an online virtual library that provides every citizen with access to an electronic library of essential information resources.  DISCUS databases can be accessed via computers connected to the Internet at public, academic, tech, and school libraries.  Magazine and journal articles, health and business information, current topics, and three encyclopedias are part of the DISCUS project.  (
Digital Information for South Carolina USers)

These subscription databases from leading information vendors are funded by the South Carolina Legislature.  Participating libraries use their existing Internet connections and computer equipment to provide access for their users.  The DISCUS project is administered by the South Carolina State Library with advice and guidance from committees composed of librarians from all types of libraries.

The Fairfield County Library's website has  a DISCUS page that links patrons in the library to the various databases.




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Patrons using a computer from home or office may also access DISCUS databases.  Here's how:


DISCUS Spot Filmed in Winnsboro

Look closely at your TV screen if you see a public service announcement about the statewide DISCUS program.  The library you see is your very own Fairfield County Library!

The "DISCUS Dog" (a.k.a., a SLED bloodhound named Moses) was in Winnsboro for filming on June 15th.  Assisted by two SLED agents, a crew  from SCETV filmed him sniffing out information in Fortune Springs Park, downtown, and finally finding his quarry at the library.

Moses  is more skilled at tracking people than information, but the smell of hot dogs  enticed him to check out the periodicals and finally the DISCUS databases on the computer!

Moses with SLED agents.
Moses with SLED agents

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