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From the Friends

Halloween Costume Contest judges.
Friends members serve as judges for the library's Halloween Costume Contest.

Trim the Tree Party 2000.Trim the Tree Party 2000.
Trim the Tree Party!

The Friends have purchased a digital camera for the library.  Here are some photos from recent library events!

By the Numbers
The November, 2000, issue of American Libraries reports the HAPLR ratings based on data reported by public libraries in 1998.

HAPLR (Hennen's American Public Library Ratings) is an attempt to rank public libraries using fifteen input and output
By the Numbers. Possible scores range from 0 to 1000. The Fairfield County Library scores 374 which ranks us 13th out of 39 South Carolina public library systems. Richland County ranked highest with a score of 791.  The average SC score was 350 which puts the state in 49th place nationally.
The State of South Carolina now has a spiffy new portal page for state government information.  It's goal is to provide seamless access to government information.  There are links to state agencies, news stories, jobs, and even the weather in the major metropolitan areas.

Of special interest now are links for fast tax filing and for downloadable tax forms.  See all of this and more at:


A mouse! A mouse! It's another mouse!

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