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From the Friends

The Friends are co-sponsoring the Words, Written and Sung reading, listening and discussion series at the library during February.
Led by Dr. Clyde McCants, the series examines the relationship between five operas and their written sources.  Participants read the story or play before the session, and then are treated to musical excerpts from the operas along with background information and commentary by Dr. McCants.
The  programs will be held each Tuesday evening in February at 7:00 p.m. at the library.  It is not necessary to attend every session in order to participate.
Call Sarah at the library for more information:
Friends officers for 1999-2000:

President         Peni Chandler
Vice-President   Joe Steele
Secretary        Ann Gates
Treasurer        Jane Haynes

Board Members:  Crosby Rice, John Heilman, Rebecca Henry, Jo Burnes, Elizabeth Martin, Cottie Mosely, Lucille Lyles, Ray Fifer, Brent Dorrier, Maude Ross, Amelia McIntosh, Margie Freeman, Marge Bittinger, Bernice Brown, and Sarah McMaster.
By the Numbers

Highlights of library statistics from July 1, 1998, through June 30, 1999:

  • Number of items circulated:  96,434
  • Volumes added to the collection:  3559
  • Total program attendance:   3288
By the Numbers.
  • Registered borrowers:  11,555
  • Total operating expenditure:   $325,943.00
  • Number of public service hours:  5148

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